Adding Custom Fields to WordPress User Profile and Add New User page

Adding custom profile fields in WordPress made easy through action hooks. .Most of the solutions available on internet tell you about adding custom fields on “Edit User” screen, in this tutorial I will tell you how to add your custom fields to Add New User screen

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Script Logic Plugin

Introduction Script Logic is a WordPress plugin that lets you control on which pages scripts and style sheets load using WP’s conditional tags.

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How to create custom form in WordPress and handle submission?

There are cool plugins available that create forms without any programming effort but still many times we need to create custom forms in our WordPress website.

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Multi Image Upload

Multi Image Upload adds a meta box to upload multiple images for posts and pages. You can enable it for custom post types also.

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Add remove WordPress dashboard widgets

WordPress comes with a bunch of widgets loaded on its dashboard. The default WordPress dashboard may seems cluttered to some users because many widgets may be irrelevant for them. Such users can easily clean their dashboard.

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debug WP Queries and boost performance

Hi, I found a very useful plugin for WP Query debugging. I proudly share this resource with you, because I believe it will be very useful to people who want to optimize their WordPress site by identifying & optimizing time taking queries. So, here is plugin URL link http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/debug-queries/

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