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A Day In The Life of a Software Developer - Viktoriia

You've probably heard the word "developer" a lot and might be wondering what it exactly means. A software developer is a broad term that applies to people who think of, design, and build computer programmes and applications. They can work on mobile or desktop systems and build underlying systems for businesses.

A Day In The Life of a Software Developer - Viktoriia

So, what does a standard day for a developer look like?

Continuing with our A Day In The Life series, we interviewed Viktoriia Petrova, a developer at the award-winning digital agency, Silverchip, to find out.

What does a standard working day consist of?

I start my morning by checking which tasks I need to complete and what meetings I need to attend. Every day is so different in a tech agency as we have different projects to work on, so the job might involve different activities from fixing a bug to creating an application. I love that my workflow is so varied and it is very exciting to look forward to the next fascinating project we will work on.

I continue with my tasks until 11:45 am. Then we have a "Campfire" (our daily informal meetings) where developers share where they are up to, discuss any issues and most importantly stay connected with each other - which is so important for our Scriptbaker team spirit. 

After lunch, I usually continue working on tickets or have meetings. One of the best things about working for Scriptbaker is having flexible hours. So if I have plans on a certain day I can finish any time after 3 and complete the remaining time outside the 10-3 core work hours. 

What is your go-to food for lunch?

Normally, I like to bring my healthy meals with me. If not, I like to grab some Japanese food like Sashmi Rice or sushi from Nudo Sushi Box. 

What essential tools or websites do you use daily to help you code?

I would say my IDE VSCode for actually writing code, then Google, StackOverflow, GitHub and tech documentations are the ones that assist me the most in writing/debugging code. 

What is the most exciting project you have worked on so far?

One of the most interesting projects I have worked on so far has to be Social Footballer. It is an app which makes it easier to organise a football match. Users can create their own leagues, games, invite their friends to play. The app lets you select a location, time and pay the fee for playing. Also, the application displays interesting statistics such as who is the highest-rated player and who was voted the best player in each position. 

What made you want to become a developer?

I wasn't sure for some time what I wanted to do with my life. I always loved to solve puzzles and problems. Once I was introduced to freeCodeCamp and from then on it was clear to me that a programming career is what I was looking for. 

What attributes and skills do you think help make a developer successful?

I love the creative and problem-solving aspects of it the most. Also, it is very satisfying to see an app/website to be built piece by piece. Similar to a jigsaw, at the end, you will be able to admire the end product. 


If you would like to find out more about working as a software developer, check out our Instagram page for a behind-the-scenes insight into life at Scriptbaker, or visit our careers page.