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Adam Smith joins our Development team!

We are delighted to announce that Adam Smith has joined our Development team as a new back-end developer. Our Development team is ever-evolving, and we are thrilled to have Adam be part of it. We sat down and asked him some of the important questions:

What made you choose to take the role at Silverchip

I got a really good vibe from my initial interview and as I looked more into the company I discovered its amazing reputation and how much all of its current employees love working here! The more I looked into the company the more excited I was to start my career here!

What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

I listen to quite a lot of soundtracks and ambient music, sometimes it slips into a normal playlist which can get some strange looks when on a long drive.

Should we play Christmas songs in November?

I feel once bonfire night is out of the way I wouldn’t judge anyone for starting the Christmas songs a bit early. Before the 6th of November is questionable though. 

Where is your favourite place in the world?

I’ve always leaned towards the cold and discovered a love for winter-sports a few years ago, so I would probably have to say my favourite place in the world is the Alps.

Who would you invite to dinner (3 people, dead or alive)?

Henry Cavill
Matthew Mercer
Donald Glover