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Why Great UX Design Matters

UX – also known as User Experience – is the action that determines whether the user has a positive or negative experience with your website or product. It’s core aim (and why it is so important) is to fulfil the user’s needs. If it provides a positive experience, it keeps the users loyal to the website.

Why Great UX Design Matters

Great UX is all about making the user’s experience as smooth as possible, whilst also leaving them pleased because it has added value to their experience. Therefore, taking the time and effort to make your UX as easy and efficient as possible is key to any website or product.

The importance of UX cannot be overlooked, if a website is poorly laid out, slow or difficult to use, the user is more likely to leave and not return. Whilst also losing out on traffic to your website, it also discredits the brand or product.

Great UX design doesn’t just keep existing users, it also attracts new users and is more engaging. So, what makes great UX design? Using plenty of whitespace, good headlines, making the pages similar and being consistent with the design throughout your website. Your copy needs to be written by someone who fully understands the brand and topic, whilst ensuring it is clear and easy to understand but also has simple instructions to follow.

A brilliant example of amazing UX design is Apple. From their products, all the way through to their website, Apple’s success comes from ensuring all aspects of their products work in tune with each other to create a pleasurable, positive user experience. There are so many technical and functional considerations, with each single component complimenting the next.

Why Great UX Design Matters | Scriptbaker

Apple create responsive tech whilst also having stunning visual design, these two combined together creates a worthwhile experience using their product. Steve Jobs himself said this quote which outlines the core value of UX - “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

If you’re looking at improving the UX for your own website, nailing the UX process upfront will be more beneficial and will significantly lessen costs down the line. More and more, brands are realising this and in short, reducing any usability issues. It also helps prevent any issues costing you more with bug amends or product redesigns. It is much simpler to make design amendments rather than development ones.

It would be a waste of time, money, and effort when creating and perfecting your product, only for its website or app to have a poor user experience. Having the best UX experience will make your brand stand out against your competitors, providing your brand with more opportunities to increase engagement, traffic, and revenue.

Top tips on UX Design:

- Create your website or mobile application with the user in mind

- Ensure your website or mobile application is easy and simple to use

- Enable the user to find what they are searching for quickly and with as little effort as possible

- The end goal is to make sure the user has an enjoyable experience to make them want to return to your site or mobile application

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