Configure in Magento

Magento has various built-in payment methods, one of them is To enable and configure as your payment processor, you should have API Login ID and Transaction Key. You can get these credentials from your account.
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Magento Admin: 404 Error Page not found.

mag-admin-404Let’s suppose you are logged in to Magento admin panel and you are installing a new extension that adds some new sections to Magento Configurations.
You activate your new extension and it adds some new tabs/sections but when you click on newly added tab you see a 404 error, don’t worry!

Solution :

Just logout from admin panel and login again. Cheers!!!

Magento: Add radio/checkbox custom column in Admin Grid

Magento grids are very useful for displaying/filtering and sorting data. Their flexibility is endless, you can customize them in any way. One may want to add a new radio button or checkbox column for rapid marking.
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