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Courtney Walker joins our Marketing team!

Introducing our newest team member, Courtney Walker. Courtney joins us from Bluefin as our new Digital Marketing Assistant and brings with ample creative experience to help us showcase the impressive products and services we offer.

We sat down and asked her some of the important questions:

What made you choose to take the role at Scriptbaker?

I wanted to learn more about digital marketing with the opportunity to learn alongside Olivia. I’ve always been into visual communications and tech, but previously working in social media made me realise I wanted to explore and venture out more into the digital marketing world. It also helps that my partner is a software developer!

Provide an interesting fact about yourself?

I’m massively obsessed with downhill mountain biking; you’ll often find me in a forest riding the trials on a weekend!

What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

It has to be 2000’s club classics! Nothing gets me more hyped!

Should we play Christmas songs in November?

I’m scarred for life after working in retail when I was younger, so for me, absolutely not!

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Is it possible to have a favourite place before even visiting? Haha, probably Canada!

Who would you invite to dinner (3 people, dead or alive)?

Leonardo DiCapiro

Joe Rogan

Post Malone